Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Kia Ora from Wellington!!

Its been so long since I wrote a post on this blog... been busy with life in general and a couple of BIG changes. The latest one resulting in us moving to Wellington, New Zealand! Kia Ora (in the title of this post) means "Hi" in the native Maori language.

Its a temporary re-location for an assignment from S's office. S has been busy at work since day 1 and so N and I have been doing our own exploring around town. Its a beautiful place - Wellington!! It is a very compact area, the Central Business District and so we have been walking around a lot.
And its cold too, about 12 to 14 degrees C during the day, lower at night! The wind drops the temp a couple of degrees down further. But the sights around are beautiful, you get all kinds of landscapes and topography in a small area. We have a harbour, a bay, hills (loads of 'em), bustling downtown streets and cafes - lots of them too.

Here are some pictures from our strolls around - these are mostly from the 50 mm lens, will take some from my other one and put those up too.

The various sights of the city!

One of the many well laid out roads

The city is bright and vibrant! 

Lively at night too.

Starbucks is here...

                                                     But the local favourite is Mojo, in fact someone said "We don't like Starbucks around here!" 

Lots of scooters around...

And the public transport network is awesome! 

Colourful and creative

Of course Indian food is omnipresent and one of the best I have had outside India!

How could Calendar girls be far behind? ;) They are omnipresent too! 

Some great architecture

N's been having fun in the open sunny spaces

More from NZ later on...  Happy Wednesday! 


  1. Kia Ora Simran..looooooohvvvvedd the are awesome..keep them coming.. :)

    1. Thanks Chetali!! :) Will try and be regular now!!

  2. Awesome place to move to! We've been there, going through on a trip a few years ago. My sister lives in Auckland (further up north, but still), so do ping me if you need any assistance/info et al, okay?

    Have fun exploring! They have this wonderful science museum there that I am sure N will love, so much for kids to do, very hands on.

    1. This one -

    2. Thanks Sangi!! Will let you know if I need any help.
      Yes we took N to Te Papa already and he loved it! Am planning to take him there again this week/weekend. It is so well done, innovative and interactive. Have heard about some more places for kids and adults, will explore them one by one :)

  3. WOW! Didnt realise you'd moved! Lovely pix, specially the last one! Have a good time!

    1. Hi Chox, Yes we have :) Thanks, have been clicking around a lot! :) Stay in touch!

  4. hey just saw this, I love it the way you are enjoying with your camera. Keep them coming.

  5. nice pics !!!!
    you are really getting professional
    especially the last pic ....great(Y)

  6. nice pics !!!!!
    you are getting professional...
    especially the last one (it could be the cover photo for neils autobiography.. :P)

    1. Thanks Shubham!! Good idea abt the cover pic, if and when Neil decides to write it someday ;)


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