Monday, May 28, 2012

Mt Victoria Lookout

The weekend was a lets-head-out-and-check-the-suburbs kinds! And the place is breathtakingly beautiful. Can't do justice describing it in words but maybe the pictures (as and when I put them up) will help!

On Saturday, we headed to a place called Mt Victoria Lookout. Its a view point of the city and surroundings from one of the highest points around. The day was a li'l cloudy, the sun playing hide and seek, but the views were awesome!

See for yourself -

That's the Wellington CBD (Central Business District) and a part of the harbour. 

The International airport in the distance, see the runway there? The South Pacific Ocean in the background. 

One of the many aeroplanes that take off every day and the rest of the suburbs along the harbour. 

The Westpac Stadium - New Zealand's premier multi purpose stadium just behind the port (the circular building). 

Another stadium, this one is for cricket - yay! you get to see cricket stadiums here :) 

The greenery is lush, abundant and soothing.

The Byrd Memorial pointing south. From the information board on location - "The tile work on the Byrd Memorial represents Aurora Australis, or the Southern Lights. Auroras are electrical discharges caused by electrons travelling in the solar wind interacting with the earth's magnetic field lines. They are common in the Antarctic but rarely seen this far north." 

So if you fly due south from Byrd Memorial along the axis of the triangular monument you will reach Antarctica! 

Did you know about the Antarctic Treaty? I didn't. The Treaty declares the area south of 60 degrees South as a region devoted to peace and science. There are no territories or borders. 

N had fun as usual, checking the information boards, asking me to read out all the "stories"on them, jumping around on the rocks and being his hyperactive self! 

You can drive down to the lookout in a car or take a bus too. You can also walk up as part of the Southern Walkway.  

Have a fun week ahead!! Happy Monday :) 

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