Sunday, June 17, 2012

Fettuccini with Tomato and Basil from Archana's Kitchen

I had been planning to try this pasta recipe from Archana's Kitchen for a very long time. It seemed pretty easy and yummy too. So tried it out last Sunday, took the pictures too but finally got time now to put them up.

For the recipe, please visit Archana's blog here.

It uses some fresh and very colorful ingredients - some tomatoes, I used some fresh tomatoes and some tomato paste too which I wanted to finish off. Basil (I love the aroma and the taste). Garlic and some fettuccine or any ribbon pasta. 

The fettuccine was boiled and cooked as per the instructions on the box. I think, you can use even a whole wheat based pasta if you prefer! I added a teeny weeny bit of olive oil to the pasta after draining to keep the strands separate. 

The sauce was yummy, flavorful and looked great - one of the best I have ever made or had! Bowls were licked off!! :) 

Simple and basic ingredients like a good quality olive oil and fresh ground black pepper are just the touch needed to make it a healthy and appetizing meal. 

I enjoyed making this pasta and eating it even more. Hope you enjoy it too. 
Take care, Have a great week ahead!!


  1. Yes Shruti and it tastes great too :) Thanks to Archana for the awesome tasting and very simple recipe!

  2. wow !! looks delicious :) and super easy ..going to try it fr dinner soon!!

  3. hey Simran, I've been reading your blog posts when I get them on mail, and unable to access them on blogger and comment so i'm so late in getting here. So great to see you're enjoying life in NZ, and exploring lots of stuff and cooking, and taking lovely pics as ever :).

  4. Wow simran, just discovered this. Thanks for the lovely post :)


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