Saturday, June 09, 2012

Weeknight dinners last week

Its been almost 2 years since I cooked 3 meals a day, 7 days a week types. And so I thought it will take some time getting used to and I will find it tough etc. But surprisingly its been just OK. I guess once you are thrown into the water you do learn swimming!

So I decided to list down what I have been doing for dinner, to provide some inspiration to myself and ideas, a few weeks down the line. This might or might not be a regular feature based on what I cook, lol.

For the last week, this is what we had -

Monday - Quesadillas - wheat flour tortillas with a filling of onions, tomatoes, red kidney beans, some tomato sauce/ketchup (my regular chili sauce was missing hence the substitute) and shredded cheese. I usually add bell peppers too but had none at home so did without them. Used some of the filling leftovers in a sandwich, for breakfast, a day later.

Tuesday - Daal (lentils) and plain boiled rice along with baked veggies. Colorful veggies help! :) I used broccoli, carrots and potatoes. Baked them in the oven with some oil, salt and rosemary! N and S gobbled them up. N kept saying yummy!! :)

The fresh green colourful veggies! 

Out from the oven - baked and glistening. I added very little olive oil and that was more than enough!

On the plate - still colourful and very appetizing. 

Wednesday - Caramelized onions with sunny side up eggs along with a side of boiled peas and corn sauteed with a lil butter and salt. Clean licked plates were a pleasure to see! I learnt the caramelized onions  with eggs recipe from a friend. Thanks Chakki :)

Thursday - We had Lemon rice - with all the yummy stuff it usually  has - fresh squeezed lemon, peanuts (I love them) and fresh green coriander. S loves rice and anything made out of it so this was a win-win!

What could be better than the humble lemon rice with a glass of wine!

Friday - I had planned to make this pasta from Archana's Kitchen. But forgot to pick the pasta and basil on time so had to move this to the weekend. Instead I made plain ol' namak (salt) parathas (Indian bread) and had it with some yogurt and an apple and pear salad with a little fresh lemon squeezed on top. It tasted great and the crisp apple added great texture to the meal.

I think I did well this week - well it was week 1 of cooking, lets see how soon I get bored or run out of ideas ;)

What do you do for weeknight dinners? Any quick, easy, healthy, favourite recipes? Or cooking websites that you refer to? 


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    1. Hey Shruti, Thanks! N is doing much better, now that he has started pre-school. In the first few weeks when he was at home he was missing India aka his friends a lot and wanted to come back asap :)

  2. Looks awesome...and very yummy looking pics too!

    1. Thanks Divs!! :) More coming up soon, have been cooking a lot lately!

    2. Yup...i read through your cooking posts daily now. I love the pics you take as makes the cooking look so much more fun. For example I do pasta or pizza night atleast once a week as well and N loves it...but I never captured it on camera :-) And when did you run away from Bangalore? I was probably hibernating from the blogging world then...

    3. It all happened so quickly!! The opportunity came, S accepted, we planned packing, sending the truck off, parents and in laws came to meet and say bye bye etc, booked tickets and off we were!! I think you were away from the bog world :)

    4. Hmmm...chalo good for you. As long as you got to say goodbye to your near and dear ones :-) Yeah I was away for quite a bit. Am back though...pls do come and visit!

  3. Sim, next time u make the caramelised onions n sunny side up combo, pls post steps in detail n pics. It sounds like a very delicious meal!


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