Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Pizza night!!!

I remember when I was a kid, pizza nights used to be a biggie.
My mom would make the crust at home or get a fresh one from the baker. She would then chop all the veggies - the greens, reds and yellows and prepare the sauce. Me and my sister would be called on to help putting things together - we used to spoon on the sauce on the base, then top our own pizzas with loads of veggies we liked and some of the ones we didn't ;) with shredded cheese on the top! Then that pizza would go into the round electric ovens common in those days. Ah! the aroma of a fresh baked pizza with melting cheese on top just out of the oven is mesmerizing and stays in the memory for ages!!

One weeknight is dedicated to pizzas or pastas at home now. N loves to help when I make pizza and that makes it even more fun (or more work, lol). So one day last week, we made veggie pizzas with a homemade tomato basil sauce.

The veggies we used were green bell peppers, broccoli, onions and tomatoes. And we topped it with some shredded mozzarella.

N helped me assemble the pizzas by putting the veggies and cheese after I had applied the sauce on the store-brought base.

I would love to make my own base too once I am settled in the new apartment and have my yeast/bread baking stuff all set and ready to use. And I would like to try this No-Rise Pizza Crust from thefauxmartha.com. Seems like an easy breezy recipe :)

Here is the pizza after it came out of the oven!

This one says it all with the way N is looking at the pizza!! :)


What do you think? I would love to know!


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